25 Hashtags for Writers to Know and Use

25 Hashtags for Writers to Know and Use

Hashtags, it wasn’t long ago that you were only a lowly pound sign (#) on a phone keypad. Look how you’ve grown. Now hashtags are everywhere. On Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and―of course―Twitter. But what are hashtags and why should we use them? This article shares 25 hashtags for writers to know and use.

The Power of Hashtags on Twitter

If you’re not a Twitter user or you’ve only recently built your Twitter page, let’s briefly explain the power of hashtags on Twitter. Hashtags are how you categorize your tweets, and how―if you’re looking for a specific group of tweets on Twitter―you can quickly do a search. An example. Let’s say you want to look up independent publishers, or get general updates about the industry. You could go on Twitter and search for the hashtag #IndiePublisher. Twitter will show you every tweet that includes that #hashtag.

The Hashtag Difference

Hashtags are different than other ways of categorization because they are self-added by the individual. Twitter isn’t deciding what tweets to show you based on its data – it is showing you the tweets that individuals have self-determined fit into these categories.

Know Your Hashtag

You can create your own hashtag, but if you do, keep in mind that hashtags generally should be easily typed and understood by others. While there are more ironic hashtags that are used and purposefully long (e.g., #Ireallywantagrilledcheeserightnow), generally the most popular and searched hashtags are shorter, and easy to remember.

Hashtags also do not contain punctuation (again, normally), and don’t necessarily need to follow capitalization rules unless you want to emphasize a certain word or keep the message clear.

And remember, hashtags do count towards your 140 character limit. So plan your words accordingly.

Here is my list of the 25 Hashtags for Writers to Know and Use, with a brief note for each.

#FF or #FollowFriday …….. every Friday on Twitter, you can promote some of your friends or followers to the world. Use this hashtag to showcase some of your favorites, and oftentimes you’ll be showcased as well.

#FP or #FridayPhrases …….. on Fridays, share some of your writing with the Twitter universe. Tweet out 140 characters of whatever you’ve been working on, or want to share, and watch the retweets grow.

#MustRead …….. If you’re promoting a book or you’ve just read something that has blown your mind, add this hashtag to let your followers know. You can add this hashtag if you haven’t read a book, but you want to let others know it’s on your “To Read” List.

#GreatReads …….. A different variation of the #MustRead hashtag, that again promotes a book. You can use this if you’ve just read a book that you think others should add to their lists.

#amwriting …….. Show the world you’re on task and writing. 

#IndieAuthor …….. If you’re discussing or sharing something that Independent Authors might find valuable, add this hashtag on.

#WriteTip …….. If you’re sharing tips or blog posts about writing, this is a good hashtag to use.

#NaNoWriMo …….. The “official” hashtag for November Novel-Writing Month. Write your novel in a month, with encouragement from others doing the same

#WritersLife …….. If you’re talking about something that only other writers would get, use this hashtag. Example? I just realized I haven’t talked to another human being in person for five hours straight. #writerslife

#PromoTip …….. If you’ve got any great tips on how to promote your work, add this hashtag.

#writingcontests …….. Great for sharing a writing contest you’ve found or are applying to.

#WroteToday …….. Give a bit of a humble brag (you deserve it!) after you’ve had a successful writing session.

#AuthorRT …….. If you’re helping promote another writer’s book, or you want others to retweet, add this.

#BookGiveaway …….. A longer one, but still if you’re providing a shortened URL to a free book giveaway (or even not free), add this hashtag.

#Novelines …….. Quoting from your work? Loving a line from someone else’s? Add this when you share.

#LitChat …….. Have a question for your fellow writers? Want to share a literary event? Add this hashtag.

#WW or #WritersWednesday …….. Wednesdays on Twitter is for writers. Add this hashtag as you write and share on hump day.

#WANA (We Are Not Alone) …….. While it sometimes might seem like the opposite, it’s not! Add this hashtag to any tidbits you want share as you work. You are not alone!

#WritingPrompt …….. Sharing a writing prompt? Use this hashtag! (Or, conversely, if you’re looking for writing prompts, search for this).

#FridayReads …….. What are you reading lately? You can use this to search for books to add to your list, or share what you’ve been reading.

#TeaserTues …….. If you’re promoting a book, celebrate Teaser Tuesday by providing a bit of your work to your Twitter audience. Great for comparison tidbits or promotion.

#WIP (Work in Progress) …….. Working through a tough spot and want some feedback? Use this hashtag.

#writegoal …….. Setting a writing goal and want some accountability? Share it on Twitter and add this hashtag.

#vss (Very Short Story) …….. Flash fiction piece? 140 character story? (Well, 136 with this hashtag), add this to your share.

#writersquote …….. I love me some writer’s quotes, so share this when you share out those great quotes we love to read.

What are your favorite hashtags? Did I miss one? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and keep writing! #writegoal

Posted on: August 5, 2014adoylewriter