Top 15 Buzzfeed Quizzes for Writers

Top 15 Buzzfeed Quizzes for Writers

Ah Buzzfeed and your never-ending treasure trove of quizzes. I began reminiscing about all the Buzzfeed quizzes I’ve taken over the years (never while supposedly concentrating on work, of course) and I wanted to share my picks for the Top 15 Buzzfeed Quizzes for Writers.

The Top 15 Buzzfeed Quizzes for Writers

15. What Game of Thrones Character Are You?

Why? Because I got Daenerys, that’s why.

14. Which Classic Author Is Your Soulmate?

I know you want to know…

13. What Grade Are You Getting in Life?

Because writers love to judge themselves.

12. Are You Actually An Introvert?

I know the stereotypical writer is supposed to be, but are you? Really? By the way, once you take that quiz, how about this article that asks, Are You Really Secretly Just a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert?

11. How Many of the Greatest Books By Women Have You Actually Read?

Because part of being a writer is thinking you should read more. Even if you’ve read a lot.

10. What Font Are You?

Because I’ve gotten into too-serious discussions about the benefits of Tahoma versus Futura, or why Comic Sans is the devil.

9. Test Your Grammar With Beyonce and Friends

Because ever since “Ironic” ruined everything, you wonder – has it gotten better?

8. Which Beat Generation Writer Are You?

Because they were cool.

7. What Does Your Handwriting Actually Say About You?

Because who other than writers actually literally writes anymore?

6. What Children’s Book Character Are You?

Ah, references that might endure.

5. How Badly Do You Suffer From Writer’s Block?

Because obviously Writer’s Block and procrastination are both issues for you, if you’ve gotten this far down this list.

4. What Should Your Signature Drink Be?

Because that generalization about writers and drinking? Yeah, it’s legit.

3. Can You Guess the Book From the Quote?

Again with the knowledge testing.

2. Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?

Because Jane Austen.

1. How Much Do You Care About Grammar? 

Because my coworkers told me to take this and found the number I checked not only amusing, but predictable.

BONUS ROUND! For the Los Angeles writers, just because it correctly guessed where I do live: Where In Los Angeles Should You Live

Care to share your answers? Have another favorite Buzzfeed quiz you’ve taken that writers might enjoy? Share in the comments section!

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