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You Should Dumb Down Ad Copy, But Not Too Much

So this issue arose in my office today: should you dumb down ad copy? As a writer who also believes America is slowly losing its vocabulary (or at least gaining a new one), my knee-jerk reaction is a resounding, “Heck

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Writing Exercise: Write That Book!

I once again visited for this week’s writing exercise. And this specific exercise, Write That Book!, caught my eye: So if you head over to Smith’s website, I happen to enjoy: And, I’m going to do this writing exercise tonight.

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Writing Update: Goodbye Summertime

This is going to be a brief writing update, as the summertime is almost over and I’m trying to balance work, writing, and life. Writing, unfortunately, has taken a back-burner too much these past two weeks, so I want to

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5 Favorite Summer Writing Tweets on Twitter

I love Twitter. I love scrolling through tweets and reading the comments people post, plus finding and sharing links and stories. I feel like it’s a wonderful virtual writer’s room, where people from all over can come together and chat,

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To The Point: Menu Writing and Capitalization

Often, I’m asked to proofread a menu. When this occurs, inevitably a few questions arise from the client, and they mainly regard capitalization. What are the capitalization rules on menus? Should you capitalize… [fill in the blank for a whole

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10 Writing Jokes Writers Will Appreciate

I like good bad jokes, or perhaps bad good jokes, about writing and grammar. There are many floating around out there, but here are my favorites – the ones I keep in my pocket for a good audience groan. 1.

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5 Discreet Office Exercises You Can (and Should) Do

I sit at a computer all day and I see my coworkers sitting at computers all day, which makes me cringe at the thought of all the impending health risks we face. Added onto the walking you do to and

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Writing Update: Past the Halfway Mark

It’s August, which means we’ve successfully passed the halfway mark for the year and head squarely into fall. I’ve been talking with several friends and other writers who have had some issues with late summer procrastination and/or writer’s block. Personally,

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To the Point: Lazy Writing

It’s come time to write the blog about lazy writing, and it comes after a day of having to rewrite two other writers’ projects after they finished projects unacceptable for print. The projects felt like the writers were just “phoning

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